About Gerard Fougerouse

« If I wasn't in this wheelchair,
I would already be dead ... »

claims Gérard, the daredevil who lost the use of his legs at 17 years old. A skiing accident can over turn a young person's life and put a curb on his ambitions. The initial feeling of revolt having passed Gérard chose to live in spite of everything and fight the tragedy with his smile and his good humour.The world was his to be conquered...

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Gerard Fougerouse in action

Between 1987 and 1991
He wrote four books with John Morgane :"The man from Manaos", "The mystery of the forgotten City", "Pacific Blue", and "Angie" at Edition Shere Khan
He left for his first trip to Brazil with John Morgane, himself also in wheelchair.
He left alone for a world tour lasting 6 months on his own. He published a book feeling about this trip "The trip around the world in a wheelchair"
January 1993
He left for Madagascar for humanitarian reasons and distributed medicines to health centers.
From August to October 1993
Gérard Fougerouse crossed the USA from Florida to California. He made a film available in a videocassette and published a book at Edition Olizane : "The USA in a wheelchair"
The year of Perou. He was off again to produce a film, available in videocassette on this new long journey, and also a book whose concept is being completed.
The first quarter of 1995
He was the time for a new trip to Viet Nam, dedicated to the Mandarin's Road : Saïgon, Da Nang, Hué and back to the Delta of Mekong, involving the shooting of a new film ; two videocassettes of 52 minutes each.
The publication of another videofilm "The trip around the world in a wheelchair" as well as a report on a woman in Saïgon who is struggling to bring up 80 children in 28 m²
On the tracks of Christopher COLOMBUS, he travelled through ex Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic and made a film on videocassette "The Dominican Republic in a wheelchair"
Gerard left for Cuba, produced a film and carried 20 kilos of medicines in his luggage which he distributed during this trip.
Again in January - February on a new trip towards the sun, Mexico, a film produced on videocassette... and new friends crazy about ULM (ultra light motorized aircraft), the aviation the simplest and purist permitting film shooting and involving the most extraordinary feelings of lightness and pleasure.
Morocco, 1st MEHARI CITROEN, across the Atlas, the desert and the great south vistas... A film has been made during this adventure.
2000, January
Thailand, from Bangkok til the Golden triangle, border of Thailand, Laos and Burma; further on south to Phuket, a new film show you Thailand of today.
2001, June
Direction down South, the Sahara in a Mehari Citroen! A crazy long distance rally with cars not really made for that and 65°C, as a travelling companion... A film in a very high temperature, extremely interesting.
In January Ivory Coast ! Gérard produced a new movie from Abidjan to Yamoussoukro and near the border of "Burkina" with a un 4x4 NISSAN PATROL
2003, February
The Togo a little country very interresting and a travel to Accra in Ghana and a final in Abidjan for a new movie.
2004, January
Madagascar a travel in a country where the aventure is always present.
The Senegal and the Gambia. A travel very interresting but with many problèmes by the way…
From Zurich to Phuket, then back to Bangkok, Gérard discovers the LAOS and specially Luang Prabang, the beautiful and charming city with their temples and monks, the Mekong river, etc..
Travel to Morocco to set up the association AIPMR : Aide Internationale aux Personnes à Mobilité Réduite.
2007, February
South Africa and Zambia… The Big Fives… Victoria Falls
2008, February to March
Brazil : Igaçu Falls, Amazonia, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro…
Travel in Ukrainia, then Croatia for give to Association D.T.I. Drustvo Tjelesnih Invalidia 33 wheelchairs by AIPMR
Travel in Cambodia, one movie again… then Croatia for give to D.T.I. 40 weelchairs by AIPMR
Travel in Island by using a camping car and wheelchair
2014 to 2016
Travels in Croatia for give to D.T.I. 50 weelchairs by AIPMR